A Jump Start

Moving through life without a financial plan is like building your house without a blueprint or driving to a new destination without a GPS. It will undoubtedly result in inefficiencies, mistakes, or frustration.

While ongoing planning is sure to address more, one-time financial advice may be the best fit for your situation. It’s a jump start to point you in the right direction and it’s a great option if you’re motivated and just starting to build a financial foundation. You’ll be implementing our advice on your own, but we’ll provide clear instructions so you can implement with confidence.

What Do You Get?

Three meetings are included. During our meetings, we discuss your values and what you hope to achieve, we collaborate on long-term projections and plan for financial concerns that are relevant to your life, and we go over your action list together. Typically, three to four financial topics are covered. As an example, we could cover saving for retirement, investments, and student loans. After the process, you will feel organized and equipped to strengthen your finances.

You walk away with a detailed action list, a net-worth statement, and a one-page financial snapshot that includes your statement of financial purpose, your goals, our perspective on where you’ll want to focus short and long-term, and other details. You also gain insights and knowledge from our meetings and from the process of working together. For example, as a part of your homework, you’ll have conversations with your spouse about money and life that you may not have had before.

To read about our ongoing service, click here. If you aren’t sure which is best for you, let’s discuss both options during a free consultation.

What Does It Cost?

Starting at $3,000+

After learning more about you and your life during the free consultation, a fixed amount will be provided. The price is based on complexity and how much we’ll cover together. Half is due upfront and half is due at the end.

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