One-time services

One-Time or Ongoing?

One-time planning services may be best for you if some of the following apply:

You prefer to DIY

You enjoy managing your finances and you have the time

You aren't experiencing as many transitions in life right now

You'd rather just check-in as needed

You only want guidance on a few topics

Your finances are fairly straightforward

To read about our ongoing services, click here. If you aren’t sure which is best for you, let’s discuss both options during a free consultation.

One-Time Financial Planning

$2,500 to $5,000, in most cases

After learning more about you and your life during the free consultation, a fixed amount will be provided. The cost is based on how much we’ll cover together. Half is due upfront and half is due at the end.

For a new plan, three meetings will be included. Typically, three to four topics will be covered (for example, we could cover saving for retirement, investments, and student loans). We will provide instructions so you can implement your plan with confidence.

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Financial Coaching Program

The financial coaching program is offered based on planner availability and is $500. Half is due upfront and half is due at the end. This is best if you’re looking to build a strong financial foundation and learn more about different financial concepts. This program will primarily focus on cash flow, spending plans, emergency funds, and developing positive money habits. We can also cover paying off debt, merging your finances as a new couple, employee benefits for a new job, or even how much house you can afford. Note that this service does not include in-depth student loan analysis. 

We’ll have one 45-minute meeting to start and then you’ll be given homework to complete (with a due date two to four weeks later). Then, we’ll have an hour meeting for a coaching session and to go over your progress. Lastly, we’ll have two 20-minute check-ins to address any questions that have come up and to see how you’re doing. This experience will be most helpful if you’re willing to put in the time. We’ll guide your steps but you’ll be doing the work. 

Based on planner availability, we offer hourly consulting for $300/ hour. During the free consultation, we will provide an estimate. This is best if only one or two topics need to be addressed and not much analysis is involved. This service can also include financial coaching to build a strong financial foundation and to learn more about different financial concepts.