Purpose First: Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Money

Purpose comes first. Unlocking your money's full potential.

Financial decisions should support the life you want to live today and in the future. But it can feel like money is in the driver’s seat when you aren’t asking the important questions and following a plan to live out your purpose. Money isn’t the end goal. The end goal could be flexibility and time autonomy, pursuing a more fulfilling career, spending more time with family and friends, etc. Defining and living a life filled with purpose is the point. Then we can create plans that are worth following. A good financial planner will have these conversations with you so that your money can be aligned with your values. Stop spinning your wheels and start planning to live on purpose!

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Are you happy? I bet you didn’t expect a financial planner to ask you this. I ask because finances can cause stress in your life if they’re not organized or managed well. But money can also improve your life and those around you. It can support the way you want to live rather than chaotically going in circles. We can define a direction to go in and then start moving in that direction.

Defining A Direction

I love the concept of Ikigai, which is a Japanese word, meaning your reason for being or living, your purpose in life. I encourage you to look it up because it encompasses a lot. And if you’re a person of faith, this isn’t a replacement to that. It’s actually complementary to it. How are you living out your beliefs and impacting the world? Living out a purpose or calling gives us resilience through life’s ups and downs. It gives us contentment.

Integrating Purpose In Your Life

So if you aren’t happy, what could change that? And how can we plan for it in a smart way? Perhaps reprioritizing your life and cash flow so that you’re more intentional about doing the things you love, creating memories, or making a difference in the world. Maybe changing careers is the answer, or starting a business.

Planning For Changes So You Succeed

Impulsivity can cause big financial problems. So we want to plan for these changes. This way, your chance of success is greater. When we align money with what matters to you, money can become a helpful tool in life that enables you to live out your dream life. That’s ultimately the point of what I do, and that’s why I’m so passionate about it.

Managing your finances with intention isn’t always easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Life is too short not to figure this out. Let’s plan wisely and start living on purpose.



Hannah Szarszewski, CFP®, AFC®

Founder & Financial Planner

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