When It Makes Sense to Spend More And Save Less

Are you saving too much? When to spend more and improve your life.

It’s great to be a diligent saver! Are you enjoying your money and spending enough though? When you’re busy with your career, family, and life, it can make a big difference to spend more on the right things. Let’s talk about some of the meaningful ways money can be used to improve your life and address how much should be saved.

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If you’re hardwired to be a saver, it’s possible you aren’t enjoying your money as much as you could be. And if you’re struggling with balancing the career you enjoy and your life, one option is to spend more in the areas that would add the most value to your life. That’s right. I said increase spending. But before you do, let’s break this down together.

Saving The Right Amount

Your first question is probably how do I make sure I’m saving enough? And that’s a great question. Finding a balance between spending and savings is critical so you can stay on track with your goals and so you and your spouse can both feel comfortable.

Once you’ve addressed your financial priorities and you are consistently saving about 20 to 40% of your income depending on your circumstances and goals, it can make sense to spend money to get your time and your life back. Keep in mind this is a general range and working with a financial planner will help you to know what’s best for your situation.

The point is that more money doesn’t need to result in more materials and consumerism. Rather, it can result in less stress, more time, or improving your life in other ways.

Getting Your Time Back And Improving Your Life

So what are different ways to get your life back? First, getting your time back. Paying for housekeeping, lawn care, working with a nutritionist to plan healthy meals, or working with a delivery service for groceries.

Or increasing self care. Working with a personal trainer, leaning into a hobby, starting music lessons for the instrument you played when you were younger. Experiences like traveling more often and creating memories with your family in that way.

Lastly, prioritizing the things you probably should have been doing all along, like paying for a babysitter so you can go out on more date nights with your spouse. Another example would be working with a financial planner so you can reduce financial stress, uncover your blind spots, and optimize your finances. Making the most of your money can lead to a better life too.

Should You Spend More?

Remember that when you have the money, it can be used to help you live a better life. What’s the most meaningful expense that could improve your life? I’m here to tell you, you can have both a career and family and you can be good at both without burning out. Spend more to get your life back. You can’t replace time with your kids.



Hannah Szarszewski, CFP®, AFC®

Founder & Financial Planner

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